San Diego Kids Eat Local with California Thursdays®

Local kids. Local food. It just makes sense. Fourteen San Diego County school districts are serving students freshly prepared school meals made with California-grown food as part of California Thursdays.

What happens when San Diego kids get fresh, healthy, school meals?

Fresh and local school meals get an A+ because they help:
  • Improve student health and academic achievement
  • Teach kids where their food comes from
  • Support local farms and companies
  • Benefit the environment

San Diego schools serve great food.

Now you can cook it at home with your kids. Download the free "California Tastes Amazing" cookbook with five California Thursdays recipes. DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE ›

What is California Thursdays?

Download the infographic to find out how great fresh and local can be.


For Parents

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The Center for Ecoliteracy is a nonprofit that advances ecological education in K-12 schools. We recognize that students need to experience and understand how nature sustains life and how to live accordingly. VISIT US HERE

The collective impact work in San Diego County is facilitated by the Center for Ecoliteracy and Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP). It is made possible by the generous support of the TomKat Foundation, U.S. Department of Agriculture, California Department of Food and Agriculture, The California Endowment, Panta Rhea, Tides Foundation, New Priorities Foundation, and donors to the Center for Ecoliteracy.